Beginning Youth Tae Kwon Do Classes

Beginning Tae Kwon Do for Kids 6 – 13

Tae Kwon Do (TDK) for kids with little or no previous martial arts training.  Students learn the beginning fundamentals of tae kwon do from white belt through orange belt. Your child will be on the mat in our Kent, WA studio learning new and exciting skills and techniques that keep them engaged and eager for more.

Kids love to learn by doing. Watch your child build self-confidence as they master challenging skills.

Curriculum includes: poomse forms, kicking, punching, and blocking techniques, as well as self-defense, sparring, and anti-bullying techniques.

Benefits: build self-confidence, build strength, improve fitness, increase flexibility, enjoy camaraderie with like-minded kids, and develop strong mind, body, and spirit.

Instructor Master Gerry is skilled at assessing each student’s abilities and knowing how to support and challenge your child to push a little more as they strive to master each skill.

Perfect for kids who: are experiencing bullying, are having their own behavioral challenges, have ADHD or would benefit from improved ability to focus, want improved physical fitness, and who desire self-defense skills.

Fees: fees are paid monthly, no contracts. Per student fee varies depending on how many family members are taking classes and how many weekly classes the student enrolls in. Contact us for details.

Class length: 55 minutes

Contact us now to arrange for your child to attend or observe a class at no charge to see if beginning youth martial arts classes are the right fit for them. Conveniently located in Kent, WA near Covington and Auburn.