Martial Arts for Kids and Adults in Kent, near Covington and Auburn, WA

Martial arts naturally improves fitness, self-defense skills, self-confidence, and focus. At Impact Martial Arts in Kent, near Covington and Auburn, students learn in a positive and respectful environment from beloved instructor Master Gerry.

Instructor Master Gerry, a black belt with over 30 years of teaching experience, has an amazing ability to discern each student’s ability and inspire them to push for a little more. His patience and incredible skills as an instructor have helped many of his students to become national champions. We are humbled that every year several of our students reach national championship status; one amazing year 17 students became national champions!

Whether you or your child dreams of competing at the state or national level or not, you will benefit from training with a martial arts master who sees the champion in you and is dedicated to helping you achieve your best. As you or your child master what may sometimes seem impossible, it naturally shatters limiting beliefs you hold about yourself; new possibilities open up. It’s exhilarating! It’s one reason that our students are so dedicated and that we are so passionate about teaching martial arts.

During each class, a few minutes are devoted to teaching a positive value such as patience,  honesty, or gratitude. At Impact Martial Arts, we are devoted to helping each student become the champion in their own life. That takes both skills and the right attitude.

Contact us today to arrange to observe or participate in a class. Impact Martial Arts is conveniently located in Kent, just minutes from Covington, Auburn, and Maple Valley.